Exactly what Geeks need – the all-rounder Boxee Box! Let videos, music, apps and movies find their way to your television. You can watch, listen and play even more via Internet!

Do you dream of surfing the web while lying on your couch? No problem with this futuristic looking cube from D-Link.

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Get ready for the outdoors! With spring coming up, it’s time to gear up for the life outside. And with this set of cutlery, every meal becomes even more delicious.

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The perfect lad for minisumo competitions!

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Charge your devices on the go in an environment friendly way? It’s possible! The Sunbag S is an indispensable partner when powering PDAs, GPS devices, mobile phones and charging batteries on the go.

Searching for a fancy phon? You’ve just found it!

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Probably the fanciest small caterpillar for big kids.

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Wohoo, the Arduino robot is here! Get the hack going!

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If it’s on a tour ouside or a day in the office: Hydrate yourself in a beautiful way.

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Wanna see in the dark? With this gadget, you can!

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Ready to take a walk on the moon? This little guy is!

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Happy valentines!